Friday, October 22, 2021


Security Self Storage, under Chapter 59 of the Texas Property Code, hereby gives Notice of Sale under Said Act, to wit: On NOVEMBER 12, 2021 at 2 P.M. at 6640 Skillman, Dallas, TX 75231, Security Self Storage will conduct a sale on prior to the sale date for each unit in its entirety to the highest bidder for cash, of the contents of the following units to satisfy a landlord’s lien. Seller reserves the right to refuse any bid and to withdraw any property from sale. The public is invited to bid on said units.
Gregory Brightmon: clothes, shoes, boxes, misc. Karon B. Yeager: furniture, golf clubs, totes, boxes, misc. Carla Travis: furniture, TV, luggage, home décor, boxes, bags, misc. Troy Rickgauer: furniture, small engine, monitor, skis, luggage, bags, misc. Jared Morris: grill, cooking items, ice chests, shelving, totes, boxes, misc.


In accordance with the Texas property code, Chapter 59, Ellwood's U-Stor It at 2525 S BELT LINE RD, MESQUITE / TEXAS / 75181 , will conduct a public auction to satisfy a landlord 's lien. Units will be sold to the highest bidder for cash. Seller reserves the right to withdraw any unit or not accept any bid at time of sale. Sale will be held at 2525 S BELT LINE RD, MESQUITE / TEXAS / 75181 on MONDAY, 11-1-2021 at 10:00 AM.
A deposit may be required for removal and cleanup.
Names of tenants and general description:
Tenants may redeem their goods for full payment in cash only up to time of auction. Call
Ellwood's U-Stor It at 9722884444 .
Storage Treasures -


"In accordance with the provisions of State law, there being due and unpaid charges for which the undersigned is entitled to satisfy an owner and/or manager’s lien of the goods hereinafter described and stored at the Life Storage location(s) listed below. Life Storage, 335 W. Westchester Pkwy. Grand Prairie, TX 75052. 972-237-4650. Courtney McLemore: Hsld Gds/Furn. Max L Furrey III:Hsld Gds/Furn. Elisa Maleise: Hsld Gds/Furn;
Then: 150 N. Clark Rd. Cedar Hill, TX 75104. 972-291-5480. Silverio Fernandez: Hsld gds/ Furn. Kory Chesher: Hsld gds/ Furn, Tools/Applnces. Rebecca Mendoza: Hsld gds/ Furn, TV/Stereo Equip. Tiffany Geiger: Hsld gds/ Furn, TV/Stereo Equip. Jared Stockton: Hsld gds/ Furn, TV/Stereo Equip, Boxes And Tubs.
Then: 1010 E. Highway 67 Duncanville, TX 75137. 972-298-4502. Vanessa LSanders- Hsld gds/Furn, TV/Stereo Equip, Tools/Applnces, Off Furn/Mach/Equip: Kristen Kelly- Hsld gds/Furn: Breanna Bettis- Hsld gds/Furn, Tools/Applnces; Melanie Wiley- Hsld gds/Furn, Off Furn/Mach/Equip; Shannon Randle- Hsld gd/Furn, TV/Stereo Equip, Tools/Applnces, Off Furn/Mach/Equip, Other;:Boxes; Michelle Martin- Hsld gds/Furn, TV/Stereo Equip, Tools/Applnces, Other: Boxes; Andrea Evans- Hld gds/Furn, TV/Stereo Equip, Off Furn/Mach/Equip, Other: Boxes; Joe Alexander- Hsld gds/Furn; Digestive Health Assoc. of TX- Acctng rcrds/Sales Sampls; Claudine Bussell- Hsld gds/Furn, TV/Stereo Equip, Off Furn/Mach/Equip, Lndscpng/Cnstrctn equip, Other: Boxes; Bobby Williams- Hsld gds/Furn, Tools/Applnces, Other: Boxes
Then: 717 S. Good Latimer Expy. Dallas, TX 75226. 214-741-1888. Anntonett Kirklin: Hsld gds/Furn, TV/Stereo Equip, Tools/Applnces. Brittany Thigpen: Hsld gds/Furn, TV/Stereo Equip. Courtney Terrell: Hsld gds/Furn, TV/Stereo Equip. Shaqualon Campbell: Hsld gds/Furn. Mary Thompson: Hsld gds/Furn. Elizabeth Estrada: Hsld gds/Furn.
Then: 3333 N. Buckner Blvd. Dallas, TX 75228. 214-324-9062. Pablo Orozco: Hsld gds/ Furn. Juan Velazco: Hsld gds/ Furn, TV/ Stereo Equip. Linda Boggs-Hines: Hsld gds/ Furn. Denetria Clayborn: Hsld gds/ Furn, TV/ Stereo Equip, Tools/ Applnces, Off Furn/ Mach/ Equip. Robert Meyers: Hsld gds/ Furn. Kendrick Young: Hsld gds/ Furn. Todd Richter: Lndscpng/ Cnstrctn Equip, Acctng Rcrds/ Sales Sampls. Martha B Aguirre: Hsld gds/ Furn, TV/ Stereo Equip, Tools/ Applnces, Acctng Rcrds/ Sales Sampls, Other: Boxes, Sprtng gds. Julie Lane: Hsld gds/ Furn. Todd Richter: Hsld gds/ Furn. Melody Davis: Hsld gds/ Furn.
Then: 3210 S. Buckner Blvd., Dallas, TX 75227. 214-388-3290. Antonio Ipina; Hsld gds/Furn. Jammey M Jefferson; Hsld gds/Furn. Charles E Lawson; Hsld gds/Furn. Meisha Ratemo; Hsld gds/Furn. Angie Sotelo; Hsld gds/Furn. Tiffany Milton; Hsld gds/Furn, TV/Stereo Equip. Luevenia Robinson; Hsld gds/Furn. Bryron D Parker; Hsld gds/Furn. Armando Castillo; Hsld gds/Furn, TV/Stereo Equip, Tools/Applnces, Boxes. Latoya Miller; Hsld gds/Furn, TV/Stereo Equip, Off Furn/Mach/Equip. Jennifer Lee; Hsld gds/Furn. bartley sapp; Hsld gds/Furn, TV/Stereo Equip. konstanin lakhonia; Hsld gds/Furn. REGINA HAMILTON; Hsld gds/Furn.
Then: 1350 N. Belt Line Rd. Mesquite, TX 75149. 469-998-1200. Lisa A Hyter: Hsld gds/Furn, TV/Stereo Equip. Pamela Veal: Hsld gds/Furn, Tools/Applnces. Haydee Simental: Hsld gds/Furn, TV/Stereo Equip, Tools/Applnces. Sharon Serges: TV/Stereo Equip, Tools/Applnces, Boxes. Mercedes Wright: Hsld gds/Furn. Candice Cofer: Hsld gds/Furn. Amanda L Dawson: Hsld gds/Furn, TV/Stereo Equip.
Then: 2233 Franklin Dr. Mesquite, TX 75150. 972-216-5442. Teresa Lewis; Hsld gds/Furn. Rick C. Markel; Hsld gds/Furn, TV/Stereo Equip, Tools/Applnces, Other:Boxes, Totes, VCR. Darmesia Hillman; Hsld gds/Furn. Patina Willis; Hsld gds/Furn. Austin Rogers; Hsld gds/Furn, TV/Stereo Equip, Clothes. Devareo Hill Hill; TV/Stereo Equip. Jalyn Francis; Hsld gds/Furn. Shawn Lewis; Hsld gds/Furn
Then: 4114 Broadway Blvd. Garland, TX 75043. 972-271-9846. Daniel Thornbrough:Hsld gds/ Furn,TV/Stereo Equip. Kenshae Giddens:Hsld gds/ Furn,other: Boxes. Catherline Hammette: Hsld gds/ Furn. Kristin Mcculler:Hsld gds/ Furn,other:clothes and stuff. Dalton Pettis:Tools/Applnces,other:Deep Freezers,Porter Cool. Concetta Yebouet: Hsld gds/ Furn. Ismael Fernandez:Hsld gds/ Furn. Charles Bridges:Hsld gds/ Furn, Off Furn/Mach/Equip, Acctng rcrds/ Sales Sampls,Other:Boxes. Addie Washington:Hsld gds/ Furn. Jamyia Greene:Hsld gds/ Furn, TV/Stereo Equip. Jacob Thomas:Hsld gds/ Furn,Tools/Applnces. Eugene Finister:Hsld gds/ Furn.
Then: 3222 N. Shiloh Rd. Garland, TX 75044. 972-530-0749. Daniel Martinez: Hsld gds/ Furn, TV/Stereo Equip,
Tools/Applnces. Adrian Torres: Hsld gds/ Furn, TV/Stereo Equip, Tools/Applnces. Marysol Hernandez: Hsld gds/ Furn, TV/Stereo Equip. Juan Mejia: Hsld gds/ Furn
Then: 5720 Milton St. Dallas, TX 75206. 214-368-2149. Hallie Stuve: Hsld gds/Furn; Hallie Stuve: Hsld gds/Furn; Jack T. Jamison: Hsld gds/Furn, Boxes
Then: 500 Buckingham Rd. Richardson, TX 75081. 972-808-9392. Alberto Martinez: Hsld gds/ Furn.
Then: 140 Centennial Blvd. Richardson, TX 75081. 972-699-9936. Sidney Moore: Hsld gds/ Furn. Leigh Miller: Hsld gds/ Furn, boxes. Randy Rogers: Hsld gds/ Furn. Whitney Corbitt: Hsld gds/ Furn, TV/Stereo Equip, Tools/Applnces, Boxes.
Then: 13820 Montfort Dr. Dallas, TX 75240. 972-392-1222. Tiffany Holmes: Tools/Applnces, Toy chest; Lesley Montano: Boxes and Clothes; Judy H. Nguyen: Hsld gds/Furn, Boxes; Adrian Rollerson: Hsld gds/Furn; Stacey Garrett: Hsld gds/Furn.
Then: 2300 Old Denton Rd. Carrollton, TX 75006. 972-323-4928. Mike Fulcher: Hsld gds/ Furn. Halee Phillips: Hsld gds/ Furn
Then: 585 S. MacArthur Blvd. Coppell, TX 75019. 972-393-9250. Sherilyn S Warner: Hsld gds/ Furn. Dacyczyn Crosby: Hsld gds/ Furn. Janice Corkill: Hsld gds/ Furn, Boxes. Sherilyn S Warner: Hsld gds/ Furn
Then: 1606 Plantation Rd. Dallas, TX 75235. 214-634-1153. Patrick Mullins - Hsld gds/Furn.Tiffaniane Brown - Clothes, bags, baskets. Lynda Swann - Hsld gds/Furn, set walls. Ernestina Molina - Hsld gds/Furn, TV/Stereo Equip
Then: 4640 Harry Hines Blvd. Dallas, TX 75235. 214-638-4486. Charles F. Digiglio: Hsld gds/Furn. Carol Chapman: Hsld gds/Furn,TV/Stereo equip. Maeve Northcross:Hsld gds/Furn. Rebecca Polley: Hsld gds/Furn . And, due notice having been given, to the owner of said property and all parties known to claim an interest therein, and the time specified in such notice for payment of such having expired, the goods will be sold to the highest bidder or otherwise disposed of at a public auction to be held online at, which will end on Wednesday November 17, 2021 at 10:00 A.M.


Transport Funding, LLC, Overland Park, Kansas will offer the following property at public sale at Arrow Truck Sales, Inc. 3140 Irving Blvd., Dallas, TX 75247 on 11/03/21 commencing at 10:00am
2016 Peterbilt 579 1XPBDP9X8GD297896
The property may be inspected by appointment
prior to the sale. Inquiries: 214-951-0122
Cash sales only.




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